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Brenda Byers

Concerts, House Concerts, Fairs, Festivals, Churches, Schools, Special Interest Groups, Guilds and Circles, and lots of other story celebrations! That's where you'll find me!

When I was a child (I am now a boomer), my friends and I had the run of the neighbourhood. There were no fences. It was like one big field behind all the houses. We played road games, like Red Rover. We never called one another on the phone. Rather, we ran to somebody’s house and shouted their name and, “Can you come out and play?” until they did. We had lots of freedom, room to explore, and an overabundance of imagination for make-believe games. Listening to stories is kind of like that. One big field of imagination where we can roam at will and call out hags, wingéd creatures, fools, royalty, fairy folk, and other magical beings, and they will come. On my bookshelf sits my children's Fairy Tale Book from 1956. From inside those pages I learned that magic is all around. I kind of fell into the art of telling the tales I adored as a child. And now I tell them to children, and adults too. Everyone loves a story.

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