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Brenda Byers

Brenda Byers

Brenda Byers’ childhood was fraught with perils. She taunted the monsters in her closet who gave up trying to scare her because it was no fun, booby-trapped the neighbourhood bully’s boxing gloves and remained bravely left-handed when her first year Kindergarten teacher flunked her for faking it. 

She is drawn to folk and fairy tales which resonate with her own stories of overcoming hazards and intimidations. Stories are not just for children. Adults seek the thrill of fairy tales for grown-ups. Oral tradition storytelling is proof of the common experiences of humanity.

Brenda has told stories at festivals and concerts from coast to coast.  She tells for public and house concerts, schools, Family Literacy events, churches and museums.  

She often blends music into her performances with a variety of Canadian folk songs, nursery rhymes and participation stories.

Brenda is a member of Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada, The Baden Storytellers’ Guild, The Burlington Storytellers’ Guild, Hamilton Storytellers’ Circle, Storytelling Toronto and The Uppity Women. 

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