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Antje Mahintorabi

Antje Mahintorabi

Stories are all around us, they come to us. Parents and grandparents tell them, we read books, watch movies, they'll even find their way to us via computer games. So why should not theatre "itself" come to us as well?

Exactly! This is what we do!
We bring exciting theatre to your classroom.

Enjoy inspiring legends, myths, fairy tales and stories without the added stress of having to travel. Instead you and your pupils will be treated to a unique experience. The age old European tradition of active storytelling combines telling the story with the art of performing. It's not only a story it's a "tell 'n play"!

Sit on the floor in a semi circle, on chairs or desks (if it's allowed), invite another class and let the show begin! No complicated technology and equipment, no special effects - we got all the gadgets we need: eyes, ears and imagination.

Let the fantastic adventure begin in your very own classroom!

The shows and workshops are available in English and German.

Our t i c demo video:

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