StorySave Quilt 2012

To view all of the quilt squares and learn more about this quilt, take a look at the Quilt Book for 2012.

The lucky winner of the quilt this year was Jack Howard!

The titles of the blocks on this year's quilt were:

Undaunted Enchantments

Singer of old songs and teller of old tales

A Law against common beggars and ballad singers

Origami Flowers

... a pair of beautiful, little purple shoes

Campfire Stories

A sea faring woman

Keyhole in an Old Door


The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Three Apples Fell

Not an appliquéd tiger!

Festival de la parole ­

Storytelling Bird

The Story of the Red Poppy

Light in the darkness!

An Irish Collage

StorySave Quilt 2012

The 2012 Quilt was created by the following talented SC-CC members:

Pearl Ann Gooding

Carol Leigh Wehking

Elinor Benjamin quilt

Baden storytelling Guild 

Betty Hersberger

Danica Lorer

Marie and McLean 

Karen Gummo 

Petronella Van Dijk

Ann Rothfels

Kevin McKenzie

Kira Van Deusen

Clara Dugas

Mary Fearon

Sheila Fowler

Kathie Kompass

Mary Hays
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