StorySave Quilt 2009

To view all of the quilt squares and learn more about this quilt, take a look at the Quilt Book for 2009.

This year's winners were Jerry and Jo Haigh from Saskatoon ­- the 2nd winners in a row from Saskatoon ! Hmmm ? There must be something in the water there! To read about the celebration of the quilt's arrival in Saskatoon, read The Untold Story: 

The Untold Story Square lies 2nd from the left in the bottom row. To celebrate the arrival of the 2009 quilt in Saskatoon, Jo and Jerry Haigh, who was in the middle of a Saskatchewan tour. We started with a pot­luck supper with a nice variety of dishes from humus to elk chili and beyond. After the feast a story circle formed and Jo told The Untold Story, which follows. 

Our other stories covered the gamut from classical to personal, and string to two of the at least seven hundred versions of the world’s most popular story, Cinderella. One of these was from the point of view of one of the ugly sisters, a fascinating twist.

Everyone loves a lottery, but winning, as long as you buy a ticket, is like finding the pot of gold. 649, Kinsman Home Lottery, Guess The Number Of Seeds in the Jar, and Casinos all work on the principle that only one in a thousand, million or gazillion will win. What have I won over more than a half a century supporting many fundraisers in town? Well, let’s be honest, I know that I won’t get the prize but I reckon that it is usually money well spent. Recently I did win at a silent auction in aid of the Children’s Museum here in Saskatoon. My bid on the breast pumps was the only one on the sheet. I also won the various creams and salves to stop lines from appearing on pregnant tums. I am a bit past both possibilities. Then at the Storytellers Conference in Victoria, Pearl Ann and Renée did a very good job at extracting money from wallets for the quilt, a fund raising for the Story Save project. Jokingly I told Pearl Ann that she would have to send the quilt to me in Saskatoon as we had to leave early to catch our ferry. “Sure “ she said. Then Kathy emails Jerry that Jo won the quilt. Perfect, as she would be in Manitoba as storyteller in residence in the winter, wrapped up in the quilt, telling stories. Surprise, surprise, Kathy Bennett brings the quilt to Saskatoon ......for Jo Haigh. I am delighted. A storyteller, Renée, has slept under it.

There is a special feature in this quilt. One of the squares is unfinished. This unfinished square, like the unfinished symphony is the untold story which can continue, year after year after year, waiting to be told. This story comes with many thanks to the quilt compilers and the storytellers of Canada. I found the blue ring binder enclosed with the quilt a fascinating read, especially with the explanation by the various quilters of their ideas and making of their squares. It lies on the bedside table in the guest room, next to the quilt.

StorySave Quilt 2009

The 2009 Quilt was created by the following talented SC-CC members:

Linda Winham 

Mary Hays
Denise Markham
Sheila Fowler 
Alice Moores
Pearl-­Ann Gooding  
Cheryl Robinson
Kathy Bennett
Marie-­Anne McLean 
Dawn Blue
Pearl Ann Gooding 
Chris Lindgren
Elinor Benjamin 
Carol Leigh Wehking
Anne Rothfels 
Karen Gummo 
Kevin Mackenzie
Anne Brander 
Renée Englot
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