StorySave Quilt 2006

To view all of the quilt squares and learn more about this quilt, take a look at the Quilt Book for 2006.

The lucky winner of the 2006 quilt ­was Elinor Benjamin!

The titles of the squares were:

Fishing for Stories

Moon Magic

Newfoundland and Labrador

Three Wishes

In Memory of Joan Bodger

"crazy quilting"

"Es war einmal" (Once Upon a Time)

The 'wee man'

Stories are Beacons of Light in the World

Three apples fell from heaven

A tree - a Tree - a t r e e

The Stage

The Princess and the Pea

Campfire Stories

A Tribute to Celia Lottridge

StorySave Quilt 2006

The People Who Worked on the Quilt this Year are

Peg­ Hasted

Dale­ Jarvis
Anne Nagy
Elinor­ Benjamin
Marie-­Anne­ McLean
Levi­ Ella ­Lloy
Heidi ­Price
Pearl-­Ann­ Gooding
Sharon­ House
Pearl-­Ann­ Gooding
Kevin ­Mackenzie
Faye­ Mogensen
Catherine ­Mackenzie
Linda ­Winham
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