StorySave Quilt 2015

A Word From The StorySave Quilt Creator
Pearl-Ann Gooding, Wainwright, Alberta

So here it is, the 2015 StorySave Quilt.  I loved designing this quilt and using all the bright, fun colours. When I learned that the conference was being held in Quebec, it made me think of
wonderful, outrageous and amazing colours. I love the diversity of Quebec, the huge appreciation for culture and of course Cirque du Soleil.  Finding the colours was interesting as I started with a
jumble of reds and yellows but after an hour or two in the fabric store, had found that I put most of the reds back and had exchanged them for oranges. I built a pile of about 15 different bolts of fabric and weedled it down to the colours you see before you. It was so much fun deciding what would go where. I hope that you enjoy this labour of love. I look forward every year to coming up with a new design and colour scheme. Enjoy the stories behind the blocks as well in the book as they are just as much a treasure as the blocks themselves.  

Many thanks to all those that participate in creating blocks and stories as well as all those that support the project with their pocket books. If
we continue on, who knows, maybe every member of SCCC will win a quilt before I am done! 
Count your many blessings, stitch them one by one.
Take care,
StorySave Quilt 2015

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