Tohio! The Art of African Storytelling by Comfort Ero

Tohio! The Art of African Storytelling by Comfort Ero

Comfort Iyase Ero is StorySave's 2019 teller. 

Comfort Iyase-Ero was born and raised in Udo, a strong, historical town in the ancient Benin Kingdom now known as Edo State, Nigeria. Her father was the respected head chief, and the first head chief to have a western education. He regularly told Comfort and her siblings the history of their people, their epics and legends and animal fables with important moral lessons.

In Edo, Tohio! Hia, hia kpo! means “Come quickly, I have a story to tell!” This album shares some formative stories from Udo, and highlights African storytelling with both English and French versions of Comfort's tales. Recorded as it was meant to be performed with music, and encouraging dance, Tohio! celebrates one of the very rich Nigerian cultures.

*2 CDs (English and French)

StorySave and Comfort Ero are pleased to recognize the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts in the production of Comfort's album and the accompanying documentary podcast.

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