Why the Dog Chases the Cat

Why the Dog Chases the Cat; Great Animal Stories (CD) by David Holt and Bill Mooney. High Windy Audio, $15.00.

One of the Time For Tale Storytelling Series from High Windy Audio, this is sure to be a hit with youngsters and their parents. Holt and Mooney, each a top notch performer in his own right, join forces here to create a zany cast of animal characters. Their voices and the accompanying sound effects supplied by banjo, bones, jaw harp and who-know's-what-else, pick the listener up and carry him to the place where animal antics abound.

The six tried and true stories answer not only the question posed in the title, but also why the cat always washes before: it eats, and(one I'm sure you've wondered about) why you never heard rabbit play the banjo. Though the suggested age is 4+, any age listener will enjoy these humourous American folktales.

The production quality is excellent, the performances are polished and delightful and it is no surprise that not only was this tape named an ALA Notable Children' Recording, it was also nominated for c 1996 Grammy. Way to go!


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The Second Story Review, Vol 1, No. 1, March 1996

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