Slop! A Welsh Folktale

Slop! A Welsh Folktale is retold by Margaret Read MacDonald and illustrated by Yvonne LeBrun Davis. Golden, Colorado, Fulcrum Publishing 1997. ISBN 1-55591-352-0,

MacDonald's retelling is based on her retelling of the same story in her book Peace Tales (Linnet, 1992). Here, the story is shortened and adapted for the picture book format and audience.

The story is about an old couple who empty their slops pail every night in the same place not realizing that they are dumping the slops onto the home of one of the little people. When confronted by the little neighbor, the old man and his wife try to find a solution to the dilemma. Their willingness to make some changes in their life to help their neighbor is rewarded. This is a good story to illustrate some basic steps of conflict resolution, namely, identifying a problem, discussing it, and seeking a solution. It will practically tell itself, and is written to afford opportunities for participation. Those who use the book rather than telling the story will have the fun of looking for the reminders that this is a Welsh tale: there are Welsh ponies, leeks (a national emblem), a Welsh vole, and a Welsh corgi pictured throughout the book.
Good fun.

The Second Story Review, Vol 2, No. 3, Sep 1997
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