Senate reprints

Senate, an imprint of Studio Editions Ltd in London, published a number of .story collections in 1995. The titles that I picked up through a discount book catalogue include:

Ancient Tales & Folklore of China by Edward T.C. Werner. 454 p. ISBN 1-85958-078005.
Ancient Tales & Folklore of Japan by Richard Gordon Smith. 361 p. ISBN 1-85958-0779-3.
Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. 502 p. ISBN 1-85958-023-8.
Scottish Fairy Tales 44:6 p. ISBN 1-85958-169-2. Listed on ABE books
The Sea; Myths and Legends by Angelo S. Rappoport. 287 p. ISBN 1-85958-149-8.

All of the books, with the possible exception of Scottish Fairy Tales, are books which were previously published in the first half of this century. Judging by the typeface and illustrations, they appear to be reprints of the original books, but there are no notes from the publisher to that effect.

Ancient Tales & Folklore of China

Werner's book, first published in 1922, is a study of Chinese mythology and is based, largely, on original Chinese texts. Its author, Edward Werner, was British Consul for many years in China. The stories included are long and formal in language, both due to the subject matter, and to the style of writing at the time.

Ancient Tales & Folklore of Japan
The Japanese stories were collected by Richard Smith from local people during the 9 years he lived in Japan collecting specimens of natural history for the British museum. These are tales of ghosts, passion, samurai. honour, even harakiri. One story has the familiar motif of a spiderweb over the entrance to a hiding place.

Celtic Fairy Tales brings into one volume the Joseph Jacobs collections published in 1892 and 1894. Little needs to be said about these since most of you will already be familiar with these delightful stories from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. Here they are again with John Batten's illustrations.

Scottish Fairy Tales puzzles me. The only publication date given is 1995, and no collector is named. The very brief notes on the book cover say only that the stories were gathered from a wide variety of sources in Scotland. It appears to be an old collection, though, with illustrations by M. Meredith Williams. ISBN 1-85958-169-2. Listed on ABE books

The Sea, first published in 1928, is a fascinating look at the superstitions of the seafaring community. It includes some folktales, including one brief Canadian story about a mermaid and an Ottawa chief.

Studio Editions, Ltd.,Princess House, 50 Eastcastle Street, London WIN 7 AP, England.

The Second Story Review, Vol 1, No. 2, Sep 1996
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