Holiday Storybook Stew

Holiday Storybook Stew; Cooking Through the Year With Books Kids Love by Suzanne I. Barchers & Peter J Rauen. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Books, 1998. ISBN 1-55591-972-3 $15.95 128 p.

Over 30 holidays, some for every month of the year, are featured in this book aimed at elementary school teachers. Each holiday section includes the annotation for a featured book, a related activity (usually an art project of some sort), a list of 3 or 4 additional books to supplement or replace .the featured one, and a recipe. The title is a bit misleading since some of the featured books are non-fiction, not storybooks, and the relation of the recipe to the story is sometimes tenuous. For instance, Flag Day's featured book is an illustrated book of verse which describes the history of the U.S. flag, and the recipe is for trail mix bites.

The recipes are good but many would require significant adult supervision and involvement, and would be better suited to home cooking than the classroom.

The Second Story Review, Vol 3, No. 3, Sep 1998
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