From the Hearts of the People, Vol. 1

From the Hearts of the People, Vol. 1 (audio-cassette) told by Bonnie Greenberg. Self-published, 1996. Now available as a CD

There is a trick to writing and telling family stories for the general public. Well done, family stories speak to the universal feelings, needs, and understandings that we all share. Such is the case with these tales from the lives of Bonnie Greenberg's family. They are the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Side one is the tale of Bonnie's cousin Zusha, who was sent into hiding during the Holocaust when he was nine years old. When he joined the Partisans he was too young to fight, but he cared for their horses and learned how to survive. This is a moving and compelling story, full of heartbreak, terror, desperation, and hope.

Side two is based on the stories of the four generations who have owned Bonnie's Sabbath candlesticks. It tells of how the candlesticks were brought to New York by Bonnie's grandmother as a young woman, how Bonnie's Zaide (grandfather) escaped from Cossack soldiers and made his way to New York, how he then found himself in West Virginia where he faced another type of persecution, but stayed to win the ti-ust and respect of his neighboours. Greenberg tells with sincerity and clarity, often accompanying herself on the guitar as she sings the song of the Partisans or Yiddish folksongs.

Every family whose ancestors flee to North America to escape persecution will be able to identify with these stories. Those who immigrated under happier circumstances will identify with the triumph of the human spirit, and with the love, humour, and courage which speak so clearly in these tales.



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The Second Story Review, Vol 1, No. 3, September 1996

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