Don't Go Along With the Get Along

Don't Go Along With the Get Along by Kala JoJo (The Tall Story Teller). (Audiocassette). Self-produced, 1997. 44 mins

I defy anyone to sit still when Kala JoJo tells his stories with drum accompaniment. The rhythms and the songs / chants he uses are sure to draw young listeners in. Once they're in, they'll find some pretty in important life lessons being taught. In stories that range from a tale of a bird learning to fly, to a story of a boy playing hookey from school, Kala JoJo plainly teaches ways to succeed, help others, and live in harmony. Have courage, purpose, patience and confidence is the message of one story.

There is a time to listen, says another. Look for the good in people and you'll find it, resist peer pressure, and remember that words might make a difference in somebody’s life are messages from others.

Now you might think that these obvious morals might make the stories hard for young listeners to swallow, but not so. Kala JoJo's great drumming, plus other musical accompaniment and his mellow voice draw the listeners in and open them up to what he is saying.

Technically the tape suffers a bit from sibilant s's but the problem is a minor annoyance and not a deterrent to purchase. I wish I had information about the teller to share with you but no bio was sent with the tape. Nor, in fact, was any indication of how much the cassette sells for. It's worth calling to find out. This is a great buy for schools, youth groups, home listening with a purpose. Guidance counsellors and others working with conflict resolution will want to be sure to have this at a listening station. Order from the teller at 245 Somerville Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19120. Tel: lIS) 224-4829

The Second Story Review, Vol 3, No. 1, March 1998

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