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World Storytelling Day


A Global Celebration of Oral Storytelling Annually, On or Near the Spring Equinox, March 20 

What is World Storytelling Day?

The idea had its root in Sweden in 1992 but it was 2003 when Canada first joined this grand global celebration.  Now, on World Storytelling Day, people all over everywhere come together around a kind of global campfire to tell and listen to stories in as many languages and in as many places as possible. By 2009 there were events on every continent except Antarctica! 

For more information about application requirements visit the award application page (member login required).

About World Storytelling Day Grants

The overall purpose of these grants is to promote the art of storytelling and raise the profile of SC-CC. All members or member groups, (except current directors and members on the selection jury) are eligible to apply for a grant. SC-CC is especially interested in encouraging groups and individuals who have not applied for these funds before. Applications are assessed by a jury of 3 SC-CC members from across the country and recommendations are sent forward to the board. 

Available grants

Organizations and individuals can apply for grants up to $500 per project. Your total awarded amount will be determined by the jury based on your application.

2023-24 Grant Information

2024 theme: Building Bridges

Application Deadline:  November 24th, 2023, 5:00pm Eastern Time

Results Announced:  Mid December 2023

World Storytelling Day:  March 20th, 2024


• Assessment criteria 

• Successful applicants’ responsibilities 

• Online application form 

Please go to our online application form on the members page.

For questions please contact project coordinator Rob Cloney worldstorytellingday@storytellers-conteurs.ca  

2023 Award Recipients

Veronica Antipolo- 'Synchronicity' | read Veronica's event report here

Storytelling Alberta 'Together We Can – The Power of Story'

Durham Storytellers

Initiatives for Just Communities 


Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada began awarding grants for World Storytelling Day (WSD) since 2011. Below you can see how many tellers across Canada have been supported. Many other SC-CC members participated in WSD on their own.

2022: Lost and Found

Dawne McFarlane, Toronto ON

Montreal Storytelling Guild, Montreal QC

Ottawa Storytellers, Ottawa ON

Storytellers Circle of Halifax, Halifax NS

Storytelling Alberta, Calgary AB

Storytelling Orillia, Orillia ON

North Vancouver Tellers, Vancouver BC

2019: Myths, Legends and Epics

Orillia, ON - Storytelling Orillia

NB - Stephany Peterson: 

Nanaimo, BC - Around the Town Tellers 

Montreal, QC - Montreal Storytelling Guild

2018: Wise Fools

Calgary, AB -  TALES Calgary

Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Storytellers

Brockville, ON - Deborah Dunleavy. 

2017: Transformation

2016: Strong Women

Calgary, AB - TALES Calgary

Orillia, ON - Storytelling Orillia 

Sherbrooke, QC - Maison des arts de la parole

Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Guild

Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Storytelling Guild

Ottawa, ON - Ottawa Storytellers

St. John’s, NL - Dale Jarvis 

2015: Wishes

Sherbrooke, QC - La maison des arts de la parole / Eastern Townships Storytelling Circle

Durham, ON - Durham Folklore Storytellers 

Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Guild of Storytellers

Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Storytelling Guild

2014: Monsters and Dragons

Church Point, NS – Les Baranqueaux

Sherbrooke, QC - Maison des arts de la parole, 

Vernon, BC - Gabriel Newman 

Oshawa, ON - Durham Folklore Storytellers 

Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Storytelling Guild  

Calgary, AB - TALES Calgary

New Sarepta, AB - Mary Ann Lippiatt, 

2013: Fate and Fortune

Brockville, ON- Island Yarnspinners, 

Church Point, NS-Les Baranqueaux, 

Edmonton, AB: TALES Edmonton: 

New Sarepta, AB-Mary Ann Lippiatt 

Oshawa, ON - Durham Folklore Storytellers

Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Storytellers

Pleasantville, NS - Southshore Tellers 

Saskatoon, SK - Saskatoon Storytellers Guild

Sherbrooke, QC - Maison des arts de la parole

Winnipeg,MB - Manitoba Storytelling Guild

2012: Trees

Durham, ON - Durham Folklore Storytellers

Cambridge, ON - Tongue Wagging Productions 

Eastern Townships, QC - Productions littorale

Kingston, ON - Brian Hetherington and Deborah Dunleavy 

Digby Co, NS Cercle des conteurs de la Baie

Baden, ON - Baden Storytellers Guild 

Montreal, PQ - Theatre de l'Esquisse

Calgary, AB – TALES Calgary

Pleasantville, NS - Southshore Tellers

Victoria, B.C.  - Victoria Storytellers Guild 

2011: Water

Brockville, ON - 1000 Islands Yarnspinners

Baden, ON - Baden Storytellers' Guild 

Delta, BC - Laura Thomas

Nanaimo, BC - Around Town Tellers 

Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Storytelling Guild

Sherbrooke, QC - Productions littorale

Regina, SK - Regina Area Group for Storytelling

Halifax, NS - Storytellers Circle of Halifax

Calgary, AB - TALES Calgary report unavailable

Edmonton, AB - TALES Edmonton

Montreal, QC – Theatre de l'Esquisse

Cambridge, ON - Tongues Wagging Productions Storytelling

Take a Listen Here! CBC radio interview, Montreal Storytelling Guild's WSD event! 

• Keep an eye on our World Storytelling Day Calendar

Take a Listen Here! CBC radio interview, Montreal Storytelling Guild's WSD event! 

• Keep an eye on our World Storytelling Day Calendar

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