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Emerging Storyteller Award


Our Emerging Storyteller Scholarship offers four months’ mentoring for an emerging storyteller aged 18-30, by an accomplished SC / CC teller, plus admission to our upcoming conference. To celebrate the award, the recipient will be invited to perform at one of the conference events.

2018 Ontario group members and the Emerging Teller Award 

Deadline is February 1 2018

2018 will be a pilot year shifting the management of the Emerging Teller Award to member groups having autonomy on the selection process and mentorship framework. In 2018, the grant will be awarded to two organization/guild applicants from Ontario where conference is being held in July 2018. The strategy is to bring this financial support to a locally determined mentorship program and to budget increased funding for this award in future years so that more mentorship opportunities between emerging and experienced storytellers can be supported across Canada each year. 

If you want to follow this pilot more closely or have other examples of professional mentorships to share, email emergingteller@storytellers-conteurs.ca 

To apply for the grant, please log in to use our online application form.

Members who got this award

Ruoh-Yeng Chang
Ruoh-Yeng Chang
Ruoh Yeng is from Alberta, and was our Emerging Teller for 2017
Kathryn McAllister
Kathryn McAllister
Kathryn is from Victoria, BC, and was our Emerging Storyteller for 2016
Mafane is from Quebec, and was our emerging teller for 2015

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