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StorySave is a program of Storytellers of Canada / Conteurs du Canada recording the voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community. Those voices are then made available to listeners world-wide as part of a living legacy through our website and through the production and sale of CDs and other recordings.

Each year members of SC-CC can nominate an accomplished elder teller to be the Next StorySave Teller. To learn more about StorySave, please visit the StorySave pages of the website. To nominate a teller for StorySave, go to the online nomination form in the members pages. You can also access the StorySave nomination form from the main pages of the website (in the applications section)

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Members who got this award

Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron
StorySave Teller for 2016, awarded posthumously
Jan Andrews
Jan Andrews
Jan produced special projects for StorySave in 2014 and 2016
Flora Zaharia
Flora Zaharia
StorySave Teller for 2015
Celia Lottridge
Celia Lottridge
StorySave Teller for 2014

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