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StorySave Program Manager News!!


StorySave Program Manager News!!

StorySave has a new Program Manager, and you know her already!

Erin Beaubien, the SC-CC Administrative, Membership and Programming Coordinator, is putting on another hat – StorySave Program Manager. StorySave Committee members think it looks very good on her! Erin has been helping with StorySave since September, using her creative and administrative skills to help us navigate a number of months when we were holding the program manager position open while Marion Gruner adapted to a new job in podcasting. We are grateful to Erin for this work, and are very pleased to be able to continue working with her in a fuller capacity. Marion Gruner has been able to continue advising the StorySave program, but is happy in her new position. Erin will be able to consult with Marion as needed.

“I can’t express enough gratitude to the StorySave committee for inviting me on this journey,” Erin says. "Sue, Selina, Heather, and Murray have been incredibly supportive and I am absolutely thrilled to start this new adventure.”

StorySave is thrilled, too, to have someone as Program Manager who is so competent, inventive and connected to the storytelling community. You can reach Erin with StorySave questions at

A warm welcome from the StorySave Committee!

Sue Charters, Selina Eisenberg, Heather Whaley, Murray McGregor

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