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Announcing SC-CC's 2023 Emerging Teller Award Recipients

The Emerging Storyteller Award was launched by SC-CC in 2017 to provide financial support and mentorship to emerging storytellers, particularly youth and young adults who were interested in becoming professional artists. The award has been expanded since then monetarily as well as in the number of applicants chosen. For 2023, there were opportunities for two emerging tellers to receive the award, which includes a four-month mentorship, a one-year complimentary membership to SC-CC, and a paid SC-CC conference registration. And the Emerging Tellers will perform their stories during the conference weekend.

The basic requirements for applications for Emerging Tellers are: 

  • Teller resides in the region where the Conference will be taking place that year (for 2023, Ontario and Quebec)
  • Teller has already begun telling stories to an audience
  • Teller has demonstrated considerable talent and potential for development
  • Teller has the beginning of a repertoire of stories
  • Teller is preferable, but not necessarily, between the ages of 18-35

This year, the application process was opened in December 2022 and closed on February 1st, 2023. We received four applications which the selection committee, chosen from outside the conference region, reviewed and discussed together. The decision was not an easy one; all four of the applications were valid and worthy of consideration. The committee heartily thanks all the applicants for their submissions. And a big thank you to our selection committee (Pearl-Ann Gooding, Joanne LeBlanc- Haley, and Jennifer Ferris) for their careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation of these applications.

And now, it is my great pleasure to announce that the 2023 SC-CC Emerging Storyteller Award winners are: Stephanie Holt from St. Thomas, Ontario and Laxmi Balaji from Mississauga, Ontario. Stephanie is sponsored by the Baden Storytellers Guild and will be mentored by Judy Caulfield. Laxmi applied as an individual and will be mentored by
Mariella Bertelli.


Susan Warner

SC-CC Emerging Storyteller Award Project Officer

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