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Stories From The Life of Jesusby Celia Lottridge

Stories From The Life of Jesus


Stories From The Life of Jesus

Celia Lottridge

In this beautiful book, award-winning author and storyteller Celia Barker Lottridge provides a powerful retelling of the events in Jesus' life and the stories he told, focusing not on interpretation but on the stories themselves as they might have been heard in Jesus' own time. The gospel accounts of the life of Jesus are a cornerstone of Western culture as well as being important religious texts. These stories will make young readers familiar with a vital part of their cultural heritage -- essential background for reading the books, for looking at the art and for listening to the music of the West.

Celia Lottridge's spare and eloquent retelling is complemented by Linda Wolfsgruber's stunning illustrations that reflect a deep familiarity with the Bible and the rich artistic iconography that has developed over the past two millennia.

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