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Out of the Everywhere: Tales for a New Worldby Jan Andrews

Out of the Everywhere: Tales for a New World
Jan Andrews
Illustrations by Simon Ng
Groundwood Books

Ten folktales, one from our First Nations, one from French­Canada, the others gathered from around the world and re­set in the heritage communities through which they might have arrived.

I wrote this book out my storytelling ­in­ schools work (see storytelling school visits).  A child kept asking me, “Tell more stories from here.”  I explained that the stories that have come from afar have come with people, they have become our stories.  I could see this answer had no meaning for her.  I knew I had to do what storytellers have always done, adapt the stories to their new homes.

The stories have their origins in India, Finland, Russia, Greece, Chile, Vietnam, Iraq and Africa, but they are all involved with making a new life in a new place.  They speak of universal problems, offering the age old wisdom which such tales have been giving beginning of time.  They enchant readers with suspenseful delight.
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