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Dreaming Tall by Stephanie Benteau

Dreaming Tall

Dreaming Tall

Stephanie Benteau

Five powerful stories from around the world about strong girls and women, with original music and sound effects. The winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award in storytelling. Good for ages 6 and up.

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, this CD is a rich multi-cultural soundscape of stories from around the world featuring  strong heroines. Well-known composer and musician Daniel Thonon composed original music for each story which echoes the culture of the stories. Each story teaches, in a subtle and non-preachy style, human qualities such as courage, honesty, compassion, resourcefulness and truthfulness. It offers positive female role models for both girls and boys. The stories are entertaining, funny, touching and exciting, and parents who have bought the CD report that their children ask to listen to it again and again.

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