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Berta, A Remarkable Dogby Celia Lottridge

Berta, A Remarkable Dog

Berta, a Remarkable Dog

Celia Lottridge

Even Marjory admits that Berta is not the kind of dog anyone would call remarkable. The lazy dachshund's favourite pastimes are "eating and sleeping and, if necessary, taking short walks." But Berta's young owner senses that there's more to this quiet "sausage dog" than meets the eye. In Berta: A Remarkable Dog, well-known Toronto storyteller and children's author Celia Barker Lottridge draws on an incident from her Iowa childhood to create an amusing, if slight, animal tale. Lottridge, whose previous books include the award-winning historical novels Ticket to Curlew and Wings to Fly, as well as several fine picture books, is a superb stylist in the E.B. White tradition of elegant simplicity. She gives this modest tale of a maternally minded dachshund who adopts a motherless lamb the same careful construction and attention to naturalistic detail that distinguish her other work.

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