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Storytelling for Young Adults: A Guide to Tales for Teens, 2nd Editionby Gail de Vos

Storytelling for Young Adults: A Guide to Tales  for Teens, 2nd Edition
A powerful teaching tool and form of entertainment, storytelling has been overlooked and underused with teen audiences. But which stories work best with young adults? In this guide you'll find suggestions for hundreds of smart and colourful tales that will get your teens' attention, complete with brief plot summaries and bibliographic information. In addition, a bonus section includes a broad sampling of teen­ tested, ready­ to­ tell tales. Discover tales that teens love to hear and perform. 

To help you pick the perfect story for your teens, storytelling expert Gail de Vos groups her diverse story suggestions by theme: Tales of the Fantastic (tales of the supernatural, horror tales, contemporary legends); Tales of the Folk (folktales, fairy tales); Tales of Life (tales about romance, family, local histories); Tales of the Spirit (myths, pourquoi tales, legends); Tales of Laughter (tall tales, tales with humorous twists and turns); and Tales of the Arts and Sciences (literary tales, fractured fairy tales, word origins).

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