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The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinleyby Jan Andrews

The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley
Jan Andrews

“I, Kyle McGinley have given up on small talk.
I, Kyle McGinley have given up on talk of any kind.”*

Kyle doesn’t say a word. He’s been in more foster homes than he can count. He knows what he has says means nothing. Who’s listening anyway?

Kyle is also a kid who is very close to my heart. He has dignity, strength and he’s faced a very hard road. His father simply left him on a doorstep­­ his only gift the brutally abusive voice that echoes in Kyle’s head.

Has Kyle finally come to the right place? You’re going to have to read the book to find out but I will tell you this. He has come to a place where he’ll be given the chance he needs to experiment and live his own life in ways he hasn’t anticipated. He has helpers along his path­­ - a figment, an imaginary scientist who counters his father’s unending stream of put­downs; a bird­­ - a crow who needs his care. He finds delight in his own company, in solitary moonlit walks and....Truly, that’s all I’m going to tell you. The rest you’ll have to discover for yourself.

The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley. A book that’s billed as teen fiction but has a page turner for readers of all ages.
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