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Halifax Storytelling Workshops!


Storytelling Workshops

Professional Storytellers in partnership with the Storytellers Circle of Halifax

The Storytellers Circle of Halifax strives to preserve the long established tradition of storytelling in Nova Scotia. It promotes the art of oral storytelling by nurturing and inspiring both seasoned and novice tellers, and by providing opportunities for tellers and listeners of all ages, cultures, and communities to come together to share and experience the power of stories. 

Workshop 1:  Getting Started

This 3-hour workshop will introduce participants to the age-old art of oral storytelling.   Using examples, active participation, and helpful tips, we will explore 

  • selecting a tale that “fits” the teller, audience, and occasion, 
  • mastering the chosen tale through visualization and imagination
  • performing the tale so that it comes alive for listeners
  • pre-performance warm-ups and relaxation techniques

Sunday, Feb. 26         1:00-4:00 p.m.       Spencer House, 5596 Morris St., Halifax      

$55 for non-members

$50 for Storytellers Circle of Halifax members

Presenter:  Liz Newkirk  

Workshop 2:  A Touch of Magic:  The Art of Telling Folktales

This 4-hour workshop is designed for those who have had some experience telling tales in the oral tradition and would like to discover more about telling folktales, wonder tales, legends, myths, etc. 

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to 

  • explore the rationale for including folktales and world tales in your storytelling repertoire
  • learn how to select the “perfect” tale for teller, audience, and occasion
  • become aware of cultural sensitivity in telling world tales
  • develop skills to enrich and enhance your storytelling through full use of the imagination and the senses in both mastering and presenting your tale
  • refine and polish your presentation through awareness of such elements as gesture, intonation, facial expression, and movement

Please note:  The last two topics will develop skills of use in telling any type of tale (personal, family, historical, etc.)

Participants should bring a prepared five-minute tale to share.

Sunday, March 12         1:00-5:00p.m.     Spencer House, 5596 Morris St., Halifax  

$65 for non-members

$60 for Storytellers Circle of Halifax members

Presenter:  Liz Newkirk  


To reserve your place, or for more information, contact Liz Newkirk 

902 477-1474    or

Please register on or before the following:

Workshop 1:  Wednesday, February 22        

Workshop 2:  Wednesday, March 8

Liz is an experienced , professional storyteller and workshop presenter. She is a member of the Storytellers Circle of Halifax and Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada. She firmly believes everyone has a story to tell, and everyone can tell a story!

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