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Call for Proposals, SC-CC Conference 2019

Call for Proposals, SC-CC Conference 2019

Call for Proposals 

Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada 

Conference 2019 June 5-June 9, 2019, Fredericton, New Brunswick

The 2019 SC-CC Conference theme is Storytelling: Weaving Baskets of Knowledge.  

The weavers are the storytellers and the baskets of knowledge are the stories.  Stories educate and give us joy.  They are intergenerational.  Stories are a defining part of all cultures, a primary way we make meaning, and a fundamental component of what makes us social beings. What baskets will you share?  

We are seeking proposals from experienced, professional storytellers for the upcoming SC-CC Conference 2019 (June 5 to June 9) in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  We are looking for tellers for Concerts and presenters to offer Master Classes and Workshops reflecting the diversity found within the oral tradition.  One area of particular interest is storytelling applied within educational settings.  

Proposals may be submitted in English or French.

All proposals will be reviewed and a determined number selected. Everyone who has sent in proposals will be notified of decisions before January 15, 2019.

Travel and accommodation costs will not be subsidized, but we encourage artists to apply independently to arts councils for this support. A letter of proposal acceptance will be available, if requested, for any artist selected for Conference.

Artist Fees: (This is a shared fee if more than one artist is included in your proposal.)

Wednesday, June 5th Master Class 

$1000 for a five-hour master class (minimum of 10 participants)

Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th Workshops/Presentations

$500 for 2 ½ hour workshop 25 to 35 participants- minimum 10

$300 for 1 ½ hour workshop 25 to 35 participants- minimum 10

June 7th and June 8th evening Concerts

$250 for a 20-minute public evening concert performance.  

There will be two different concerts.  One concert for adults, and one will be open to families and all ages; two or three shorter stories in your proposal adding up to 20 minutes may be preferable. 

Questions can be sent to Conference 2019 co-chair, Joanne Leblanc-Haley at

Call for Proposals

SC-CC Conference 2019 Fredericton New Brunswick

Please include: 

  • Full Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone and Email 
  • Professional profile: headshot and a two-line biographical statement
  • Video sample of performance/workshop or website links to recorded examples of your work is preferred, or two professional letters of references
  • Title and Description for a 
    • Master Class (master artist will invite experienced participants to bring a sample of their work to class for critique as mentoring and professional training for artists)
    • Workshop (an experienced facilitator leading interactive activities to do with a particular style, application or level of skill as specified in the workshop description)
    • Presentation (a lecture or discussion-format led by an experienced facilitator which explores a specific application, topic or genre of storytelling.)
    • Performance 
  • Indicate if workshop is primarily for beginning, intermediate or experienced tellers or, in some cases, for all levels
  • Indicate maximum number of participants preferred  
  • Specify length of time 
  • Specify language (French, English, an Indigenous language, other) and if artist can provide interpretation

 If you are sending more than one proposal, please send each separately. 

Deadline for receiving proposals is Thursday November 1, 2018, sent by email to Cristina Pietropaolo SC-CC Office Administrator 

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