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Canadian Storytelling Day 2023: Social Media Challenge!


Celebrate Canadian Storytelling Day 2023: Share your story online in our social media challenge!


Canadian Storytelling Day 2023

As always, SC-CC will be celebrating Canadian Storytelling Day in November. This year, Canadian Storytelling Day will “officially” fall on Saturday, November 18th (although you can celebrate it any time around that date!)- the first Saturday following the full moon, a time when many Indigenous communities would move to their winter camps, the time for telling stories.


Last year we began a cycle of CSD themes based on The Seven Grandfather Teachings. The traditional sweetgrass braid consists of 21 stalks of grass, representing the seven ancestral generations, the seven generations to come, and the seven Grandfather teachings that are passed on through the generations. Last year’s theme was Humility; the teaching that opens us up to humbly learning.


This year’s Canadian Storytelling Day theme from the Teachings is “Wisdom”.


Almost all cultural traditions include stories that illustrate how hard-won wisdom often is, and the foolishness, arrogance and vanity that can block our journey to achieving wisdom. We invite you to share tales from your own tradition that illustrate this theme.


CSD 2023 Social Media challenge

While we hope that you will be gathering and celebrating with other tellers in your area to celebrate Canadian Storytelling Day, we also want to use this as an opportunity to create a mosaic of Canadian stories online with tellers from all across the country.


We invite you to post your own 3-5 minute story on your Facebook account, tagging SC-CC (@StorytellersConteurs), and using the hashtag #CanadianStorytellingDay2023. We will re-share your stories to our Facebook page so viewers can watch one story after another and get a sense of the breadth and depth of the wisdom in Canadian stories.


Everyone who submits a story will receive a digital ‘badge’ celebrating their participation and they will be entered in a draw to have their story video featured on our website, alongside their bio and promotional links.


If you are not on Facebook or are unable to record yourself, we will host several ‘recording sessions’ between November 3rd-10th where you can join us on a video call to tell your story, and we will record and post it on your behalf. Book your recording slot now!


How to play:

1.  Record a 3-5 minute story on the theme of ‘Wisdom’ (on your own or at one of our recording sessions)

2.  Between November 13-30th, post your story to Facebook using the hashtag #CanadianStorytellingDay2023 AND tag @StorytellersConteurs (you must do both to enter the challenge)

3.  We’ll re-post your story to our Facebook page and send your badge via Facebook messenger

4.  Wait and see if you are the lucky winner of our draw!


Start planning now so you can post your Wisdom story video anytime between November 13-30!


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