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Your stories on SC-Radio-CC

A message from SC-Radio-CC Producer, David Merleau:

Dear SC-CC members,  

As you may know, Storytellers of Canada-Radio-Conteurs du Canada is Canada's only radio station dedicated to the art of storytelling.  And as a member of the SC-CC, you can contribute to this national community radio initiative! 
Starting in January, we are scheduling a variety of new programs in hopes that we can help you to promote your storytelling recordings.  

We will air your stories on our Live Radio and promote your efforts on our Facebook page. 
We Facebook post up and coming programs, and from our Facebook page you can hear our "on demand" content. So "like" our page to get our posts in your Facebook newsfeed.   
As for our Live Radio, click on this link and push the play button to hear our scheduled programs:

These are the types of recorded stories we are looking for: 

Pre-schoolers Children's stories
Children's after-school stories (age 8 and up) 
Myths and Legends
Global/Multicultural Folktales

And yes, we are always looking for Story Songs!  

For more information about getting recordings to us, please contact me at the email below.

Many thanks in advance for your contributions,

David Merleau 

SC-Radio - CC
Gestionnaire de project et producteur
Project manager and Producer 

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