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Bridging North America! Storytelling Event

Sat., August 15, 2020 – Bridging North America! Storytelling Event –7-10pm (EDT)/6-9pm (CDT)/5-8pm (MDT)/4-7pm (PDT)/3-6pm (ADT)/2-5pm (HDT)

The three countries on North America are always making treaties together – CUSMC, USMCA & NAFTA – just being three of them.  We have often visited each other’s countries for vacations, to see family and because they are “just right there”.  Now, storytellers from these three amazing countries – Canada, United States and Mexico – are bridging across this continent, making a treaty of friendship under the universal contract of story.  We will be sharing indigenous stories, local folklore, personal narratives and music.  Join us for this great borderless celebration of North American connection. 
7pm (EDT)/6pm (CDT)/5pm (MDT)/4pm (PDT)/3pm (ADT)/2 pm (HDT)
Canadian Storytellers:  Joseph Naytowhow, Donna Dudinsky & Sarah Abusarah.  The Canadian Storytellers are sponsored by the Four Winds Library.
8pm (EDT)/7pm (CDT)/6pm (MDT)/5pm (PDT)/4pm (ADT)/3 pm (HDT)
United States of America Storytellers:  Charlotte Blake-Alston, Claudia HearsCrow, Connie Regan-Blake & Chuck Brodsky
9pm (EDT)/8pm (CDT)/7pm (MDT)/6pm (PDT)/5pm (ADT)/3 pm (HDT)
United Mexican States Storytellers:  Valentina Ortiz, Norma Ferreira, Aurea Ortiz, Caliche Caroma and Juan Carlos Cortés
Suggested ticket price is $10.  Purchase tickets at
After ticket purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  (We are aware that financially times may difficult for those who are storytlisteners, and you can still attend this event by signing up at the above website as “Faithful Listener”.)
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