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Virtual Humanity- A Zee Zee Theatre Production


Virtual Humanity- A Zee Zee Theatre Production

Inspired the Human Library created by Stop The Violence (Copenhagen)
Saturdays & Sundays in March, 12 pm – 3pm via Zoom

Virtual Humanity is a new Zee Zee Theatre initiative, which pivots Human Library, our community-based storytelling event into a new digital platform. Zee Zee has produced Human Library over the past eight seasons, and is keen to reimagine the project for this new era, curated by Bunny (Daisy Joe) and Sam Chimes. 

In Virtual Humanity audience members select a title from the collection of 30+ “Virtual Humans” in the collection – something that intrigues them, confuses them. They will then proceed into a one-one-one digital face to face conversation with their “Virtual Human”, a person who will share the true personal story that is reflected in their title, over the course of 20 minutes. This is a project designed to shatter preconceived notions about otherhood, to challenge our biases and misunderstandings and put a human face to difference as a means to foster empathy.

Learn more about how to attend or participate on their website, here:

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