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World Storytelling Day 2021 updates


A note from our World Storytelling Day Project Coordinator, Jennifer Cayely:


World Storytelling Day Grants

Virus or no, this has been an extravagantly beautiful fall; warm and bright with the colours more brilliant than they have been for years. While we are of course moving towards winter now, we are also moving nearer to the spring on the other side of it. With that spring comes World Storytelling Day (WSD). If you don’t know about WSD there’s more info here:  

It seems most especially important right now, when the world is united by the horrors of plague, that there should be creative and visionary links across the globe as well. So… I am encouraging you, both groups and individuals to make this the biggest and the most vibrant celebration of WSD that has ever taken place in Canada. And ….. to let you know, an SC-CC grant can  help you make this happen.  

Like everything else at the moment, the whole situation is a bit complicated. The WSD theme has not been announced yet though it is expected in a week or two. The regular deadline for WSD grant applications will consequently need to be changed, probably to around Dec. 1, 2020 with notification by Jan. 1, 2021depending on exactly when the theme is clear.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to look at the information about the SC-CC,WSD grants

Start dreaming, planning, thinking now!

  • What kind of event do you want?
  • Will it be live or online?
  • If live, how you are going to stay flexible in case live events are still not possible?
  • Who will be doing the planning and logistical support?  
  • What tellers will be involved?  (online, cross Canada and international quests are feasible)
  • Are there any possible partnerships to investigate in the wider community?
  •  Etc. etc.

If you do this thinking now, you will be able to create a really good grant application quickly when the deadline is announced.

I would be grateful if you would contact me directly by phone or email to let me know if you are planning an application as that will help me organize the juries’ work. ( I’m hoping that applications will  be numerous enough to  make them work really hard!!)

So…let’s do it !!!! Multitudes of stories to connect us with our global community!

Please feel free to contact me with any queries:

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