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Story Crossroads 8 Hour intensive

Story Crossroads 8 Hour intensive

Story Crossroads Academy is offering SC-CC members a free Beginner Storyteller workshop! Learn more about Story Crossroads here.

About the workshop:

As family folklore expert and youth storytelling advocate, Rachel Hedman looks to the future by first looking in the home. She promotes positive communication and relationships through the Folktales About Families Series. Sometimes Rachel adopts musicians, singers, dancers and tellers for programs. Currently she is Founder/Executive Director of Story Crossroads, a grassroots community organization that celebrates the folk and fine art of storytelling. There is year-round storytelling with the Festival being the culminating experience. She was Storyteller Chair/Executive Committee of the Weber State University Storytelling Festival and Board Member of the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. She has guided storytelling organizations through leadership, blogs, and e-newsletters since 1997. Rachel received the 2012 National Storytelling Network Service and Leadership Award for the Western Region (ORACLE). She is now spearheading Story Crossroads, a grassroots community storytelling festival to become worldwide by 2030.

Specialties: marketing, managing, promoting youth tellers, mentoring, organizing, creating ideas

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