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Raconteurs presents "NEIGHBOURHOODS" - June 17th!

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Join us on June 17th!

This month we’re sharing stories of NEIGHBOURHOODS!

What makes your neighbourhood unique? How does the shape and character of your neighbourhood influence how you live? We want your stories of the places you live, and the neighbours you live amongst! Did your neighbourhood change when a chain store move in? Did you feud with a neighbour over building a fence? Band together with your community to get a playground cleaned up? Have you lived in the same neighbourhood for 20 years and witnessed change or moved to a new neighbourhood and changed yourself? This event will explore the dialogue between people and the places they live in.

This month we’re pairing with Planners in Public Spaces, and initiative to better engage the public in matters of city planning. You might not think that the width of sidewalks or the direction of one-way streets can change the way a neighbourhood functions — but it can! We’ll be learning a bit about how the public can get involved in the Toronto City Planning department and hearing some amazing stories as well!

The Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick AveDoors at 6:30/ show at 7:30

Tickets are $10

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See you all on the 17th!

Laura-Louise Tobin
Raconteurs Storytelling
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