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New Workshop- Two Boats, One River: Music and Storytelling with Nick Hennessey

New Workshop- Two Boats, One River: Music and Storytelling with Nick Hennessey
SC-CC’s Upping Your Game Workshop Series presents 
Two Boats one River: Using song, music, rhythm and speech to tell a story with Nick Hennessey
Dates: Tuesdays in November- 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th *registration will open on August 16th at 12 noon Eastern Time!*
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm Eastern Time (find your time zone here
We thank our members in Western Canada for their understanding of the early workshop times, as our facilitator is located in the United Kingdom

Cost: $80.00 + Eventbrite fees

This is one workshop over four two-hour sessions. This workshop is limited to 8 participants, first come first serve. Participants must be members of SC-CC.
Registration will open on Eventbrite Monday, August 16th at 12pm Eastern Time. We will send another email with the registration link on August 16th.

You can also visit our Eventbrite page and click 'remind me' to receive an email one hour before tickets go on sale.

About the Workshop
The spoken word is inherently musical and stories are inherently rhythmic, but how can we draw out those natural qualities to bring more to our stories? Not for complete beginners, this is aimed at artists with some experience. We will look at the characteristics of song, musical accompaniment, rhythm and cadence as tools to serve the story, moving between song and speech as we go. No musical skills are required as we will work only with what we have.

Across the four sessions we will explore the natural musicality of our language choices, exploring how the natural rhythm of our native tongue can be both accentuated or attenuated to enrich the telling of the story. We will delve into folk song and poetry to understand how the melody and the meaning of language work together, and we will develop our own paths into making music that is appropriate and at home in the stories we tell.

About Nick
Nick Hennessey came to storytelling whilst undertaking field research for a PhD in Cultural Geography.  At this time he became a professional singer, songwriter and storyteller with a fundamental interest in the relationship between landscape, communities and stories and the re-invention of tradition. He has been telling stories for more than 20 years, performing at venues such as the South Bank Centre and Royal Albert Hall. He is particularly inspired by North European cultural traditions and has been awarded high honours in Finland for his work on their National Epic, Kalevala. He is a sought after artistic collaborator, working with top of the field musicians and storytellers. He has broadcast documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and his musical work has featured on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction. 

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This workshop will be conducted in English - Cet atelier sera en anglais 
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