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Manitoba Guild Events: February and March


Guild Events: February and March

March 19 is World Storytelling Day at Charisma Restaurant on Sherbrook St. Tickets are $25. Storytellers will include Robert Malo, Flora Zaharia, Kay

Stone and Nandita Selvanathan. The theme is “Wishes, Dreams and Visions”.

Join us 7:30-9:30pm at the Neighbourhood Bookstore & Café, 898 Westminster for informal storytelling and lively discussion. The events are free of charge and open to all.

Monday, February 2 – Stories of Transition: How do “from rags to riches” or “coming of age” stories reflect cultural assumptions and heritage?

Monday, February 9 – Parenthood and Raising Children: What are the assumptions and mores of parenting in different stories? How does this affect a listener or reader?

Monday, February 16 – Café is closed

Friday, February 20-Stone Soup Jane Cahill is our storyteller.

Monday, February 23 – Geography of Storytelling: How does where we are from shape our stories?  How do these stories shape us in turn? How are they and we influenced by geography and ethnic background.

Monday, March 2 – Country Mouse and City Mouse: What is the difference between urban and rural perspectives? How do the stories change?

Other Events:

Starting February 3, 2015 and running for six weeks

A Writing Workshop with CCWOC’s Winter 2015 Writer/Storyteller-in-Residence Dovie Thomason. For more information contact: Please email or phone (204) 480-1065 to sign up.

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