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FEST Online Forum #5 – Storytelling Performance: How to build your career and Nurture the Art Form


FEST Online Forum #5 – Storytelling Performance: How to build your career and Nurture the Art Form


Thursday the 3th of September, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm CET (Brussels)

In this session Author Hannah McDowall from the UK will take us through the seven 'Drivers' of the storytelling performance market described and explored in her new book. That means the seven factors which shape the performance storytelling market in England, although they apply elsewhere in Europe too. We will discuss these and begin to problem solve how to reduce their limiting effect to boost our individual opportunities as storytellers and boost the visibility of performance storytelling over all.

Dr. Hannah McDowall started her career as a researcher of markets and social entrepreneurship. In 2011 she went on her first storytelling training course and from there has built expertise as a performer and trainer. Myth and story is one of the ways we can usher in the new, imagining beyond what we can see right now, and most of Hannah’s work is as an applied practitioner supporting social innovators and civil society organisations to stretch their empathy and imaginations. This she does through supporting others to craft real life stories to better understand and share the lives they are living, and through using traditional and real life story in social innovation projects to expand the imaginative capacity of leaders and community members seeking to vision better futures. Somewhere along the way she has also developed a few professional storytelling performances

Listen and share on the 3th of September @ 20:00 CET
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