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Call for applications for 2024 Emerging Storyteller Award

Call for applications for 2024 Emerging Storyteller Award  
Deadline: January 15th, 2024 

SC-CC wants to provide financial support to locally-determined mentorship programs so that mentorship opportunities between emerging and experienced storytellers can be supported across Canada each year. For the 2024 award year, we will award $600 grants to three organizations/guilds/individuals from Quebec and New Brunswick (2024 SC-CC conference region) for the emerging storytellers to receive mentoring from their organization and present their stories at the conference held in July 2024 at the Conference in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Conference admission for the selected tellers is also included in the grant.

Application deadline: January 15 2024
Notifications sent by: February 1 2024                    
Presentation at SC-CC Conference: July 10-14 2024

Basic Requirements for choosing an Emerging Teller: 

  • Resides within the above region (Quebec and New Brunswick)
  • has already begun telling stories to an audience 
  • has demonstrated considerable talent and potential for development 
  • has the beginning of a repertoire of stories   
  • preferably, but definitely not absolutely, be between the ages of 18 and 35  
Click here for the online application form! Deadline: January 15, 2024
Member login required- please contact for assistance

Application requirements- You will be asked to describe:
  • Your nominee’s or your group’s experience with mentoring storytellers (Experience is not a requirement; the purpose of the award is to encourage groups to think about and plan for new or more mentoring)
  • What the Emerging Teller Award would mean to your local storytellers or your organization 
  • Your process to choose an emerging storyteller indicating selection criteria
  • Your process to match emerging teller with an experienced teller(s) for mentoring
  • Your projected 4-month timeframe for the mentoring program including a live or virtual performance at the SC-CC 2024 Conference
  • Your communication plan to the local storytellers or your own membership to report and celebrate the progress of your mentoring program(newsletter, website, social media etc.)

Questions? Contact

We are also seeking Emerging Teller Committee Members!
A message from Susan Warner, Project Officer
SC-CC is seeking people to form a short-term selection committee (3-5 people) for the 2024 Emerging Storyteller Award. This year, we are able to select up to 3 tellers for this award from the New Brunswick and Quebec Regions. The selection committee will be people from other regions outside of these areas. We are seeking at least one fully bilingual person for the committee. It would also be helpful for some committee members to have experience with teaching, coaching or mentorships, to better can assess whether the timeline/budget/selection process appear achievable as proposed in the applications. 
Timeline and time commitment
The submission deadline for applications for this award is January 15th2024. As Project Officer, I would send all the applications to each committee member via email. The timeline for individual committee member review and committee selection (via zoom meeting) would occur between the January 15th and February 1st. The time commitment will vary depending on how many applications we receive and deliberations by the committee. In the past, the initial review has taken 1-5 hours and the zoom meeting about 1.5 hours.  
If interested and willing to serve on this committee, please respond directly to
Susan Warner
Emerging Storyteller Award Project Officer
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