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Workshop- That Reminds Me of a Story: Exploring Stories Through Treasured Objects

Workshop- That Reminds Me of a Story: Exploring Stories Through Treasured Objects

Workshop through Community Works Manitoba:


 Exploring Stories Through Treasured Objects 

We humans are carriers and gatherers of a multitude of stories.  We hold these stories in our hearts and minds and often in the material objects we treasure.

In this workshop participants will explore in a story circle a rich trove of memories associated with a specific object, and then craft a short written story that emerges from that exploration.


Using best practices in personal storytelling, experienced facilitators will help you find and shape a written story that documents the memories embedded in a treasured object – memories of challenges and accomplishments; of identity; of love and loss; of hope and healing ...

This workshop includes:

  • Presentations and discussions on the connection between objects and personal memories

  • Screenings of digital stories that explore memory through objects 

  • Writing prompt exercises

  • 1-on – 1 story mentorship on request  

  • Small group story exploration

  • Large group presentation of finished stories

Participants will bring to the first session a treasured photograph or object. These objects can be from the past – everyday objects, heirlooms, old photographs…, or from your current life.  


This workshop is for anyone who believes that we all have stories worth telling. It may be of particular interest to social service and health providers, oral historians, library staff, writers, poets, artists, spiritual teachers… But it is for everyone and anyone who wants to join other storytellers in a creative process.

Workshop Details:


LENGTH: 2 hours weekly plus 1-on-1 support

DATES: 3 Fridays - September 24, October 1 &                                                  October 8, 2021

TIME: 6:00 to 8:00pm Central Time

LOCATION: Online via Zoom video conferencing


TUITION: $225 + gst

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