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The Fourth Annual Canadian Storytelling Night! November 2015

The Fourth Annual Canadian Storytelling Night! November 2015

Let the Fur Fly! Teachings from the Animals is this year's theme, a little bird tells us. It's been chosen by Storytelling Orillia, originators in 2012 of the now national event, to give all us birds of a feather from coast to coast an opportunity to tell stories about what the animals can teach us.

Thanks to support from Storytellers of Canada–Conteurs du Canada and eager beavers across the land, the event has grown from its start in Orillia to include more venues. In 2014, organizers in Halifax, New Brunswick, Montreal, Orillia, Toronto, Burlington and Alberta gathered tellers and audiences to hear Canadian tales, and tales by Canadian tellers.

To learn more about this year's events visit the CSN-CSN Facebook page, or go to our events calendars page and select your province to find CSN events in your area.

You can also visit the Canadian Storytelling Night website, and click here to learn more about how SC-CC supports the event.


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