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Canada 150 Fund - Updates for Applicants


The Canada 150 Fund is highly competitive.  When discussing projects, the team is providing the following general feedback:

1.        Projects should be new activities specifically conceived to celebrate Canada at 150.

2.       If a project could be confused with regular core business for your organization, please only frame your project for the new and distinct activity, not your recurring business.

3.       Projects should involve active participation of citizens (as opposed to a passive experience of being on the receiving end of a product).

4.       Projects should focus on at least one of the four new priorities for the Fund, found on pages 7-9 of the revised guide.  Your project should indicate how it is meeting this priority.

5.       While looking at the past is important, the Fund is focussing on who we are now as a people, and is forward looking.

6.       We are receiving a great many applications and have limited resources. Only those projects that best meet the objectives of the fund as outlined above have a chance of moving forward with Canada 150 support.

Note:  If you are applying for a Canada Day/Multiculturalism Day/St. Jean Baptiste or Aboriginal Day celebration, you should focus your attention on the Department’s existing program to support these initiatives.  The program is called Celebrate Canada and you can find out more at:


The Fund has been in operation for over a year, and we have had strong demand.  The Fund is now only accepting applications for projects requesting less than $50,000.   


We will continue to accept applications requesting under $50,000 over the course of the summer.  Be certain to check the Canada 150 website for updates -


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