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Call for submissions: Chennai Storytelling Festival


Call for submissions:  Chennai Storytelling Festival

First 4 weekends of Feb 2022, virtual

Call for 20 minute stories and to lead a discussion about) a story.

The theme of CSF 2022 is "Ways Storytelling of Various Cultures, Religions, World-views, and Practices can Facilitate Growing, Maturing, Learning, Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing in Individuals and Groups - and the Healing of the Environment."

It is requested that the stories might be somehow related to Growing, Maturing, Learning, Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing.

CSF 2022's schedule-in-progress is at 

If interested, please look through the schedule and email Eric your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for the starting time of a 20-minute time-slot. 



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