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A message from Al Fowler: Call for Conference Articles for SC-CC Newsletter


A message from Al Fowler, SC-CC Communications Chair: Call for Conference articles for SC-CC newsletter

There is nothing like the joy of seeing old friends in person, especially after a lengthy period of isolation and uncertainty. That's why I was so thrilled to attend the annual conference of SC-CC in Sudbury ON where I could reconnect with fellow storytellers from across the country and share our stories and experiences. Storytelling is an art that connects people, reflects culture, and inspires learning and creativity. It is also a way of healing and coping with the challenges we faced during the COVID pandemic. I felt a warm sense of belonging and gratitude as I hugged my old friends and met new ones, listening to their stories, and telling mine. It was a pleasure that I had missed for so long and that I cherished with all my heart.

The conference itself was highly informative and engaging. There were workshops on professional storytelling, where we learn tips and techniques on how to craft and deliver captivating stories for different audiences and purposes. There was also a discussion on how much the organization needs the annual in-person conference, where we shared our opinions and feedback on the benefits and challenges of meeting face to face versus online. We agreed that while online platforms have advantages, nothing can replace the human connection and energy that comes from being together in the same room. We also expressed our appreciation for the organizers and volunteers who made this conference possible. The conference was a valuable opportunity for us to learn, network, and grow as storytellers.


We all would be interested in knowing how you feel about the SC-CC Conference in Sudbury. You have until the 30th of June to send us your article to, or just after the Canada Day long weekend.

Albert Fowler

Communications Chair · Chargé de communications

Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada

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