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Canadian Storytelling Night Event Support

Canadian Storytelling Night Event Support

SC-CC is pleased to announce the successful grant proposals for Canadian Storytelling Night (CSN) event funding assistance! 

The Nelson Storytelling Guild, TALES Calgary, the Saskatoon Storytelling Guild, Storytelling Orillia, and Toronto'sYork Storytelling Guild will be receive assistance for their CSN events. We can't wait for CSN on November 4th!

Nelson Storytelling Guild: 

The snow belt that is the Kootenay region of BC will use the money twofold: feed the fires with warm stories for Nelson and then with revenues raised from theNovember event, take the show on the road and share with the neighbouring communities of Kaslo and Castlegar and Trail. 

TALES Calgary

The title for the TALES event is Canada 150: TALES FROM THE LIVING TREE. Quoting the application “The success of the Battle of the Famous Five for personhood for all Canadians represents the living tree doctrine in action. Those five women... are the inspiration for this show.” 

Saskatoon Storytellers’ Guild

SSG will host a “warm and witty” event with eight tellers. Refreshments will feed the belly as the stories feed the fire. Support funds will help them hire a sign language interpreter to make the gathering even more inclusive for people might never otherwise attend a storytelling event.

Storytelling Orillia

SO will showcase the innovative work of storyteller David Merleau at its Canadian Storytelling Night gathering on November 4, and to invite local tellers to the stage, in partnership with the Orillia Museum of Art and History. They are using the Medicine Wheel of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation. The element for the southern-facing quarter of the Medicine Wheel is "light, the sun, the warmth that we need to sustain us and for all things to grow."  

York Storytelling Guild

Toronto's York Storytelling Guild’s new partnership with the First Unitarian Church hopes to attract new audiences. They will feed the fires with “Old, True and Timeless Tales” that will entertain, enrich, heal and bring diverse people together. 

To learn more visit about Canadian Storytelling Night grants click here.

And visit the CSN webpage to learn more about the event.

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