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Sway along to the gentle whisper of tunes at the 30th Storytellers of Canada Conference in Sudbury


Sway along to the gentle whisper of tunes at the 30th Storytellers of Canada Conference in Sudbury

Sudbury, May 18th, 2023. — As part of the 30th Conteurs du Canada – Storytellers of Canada Conference being held from May 31st to June 4th, 2023, at Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury, under the theme of "A penny for your thought, a nickel for a story.”, the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore and the Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury are happy to welcome the participatory installation of the Montreal-based organization Berceurs du temps presented to the public on June 3rd and June 4th.

A haven of poetic tranquility, BERCER LE TEMPS / LULLING TIME immerses passersby into a world of stories and lullabies. A dozen rocking chairs whisper tunes gathered since the project's inception in 2016, recorded by participants in a mobile studio on site. Their childhood memories feed the living archive that makes the chairs of this participatory installation tell and sing. This experience becomes complete with the addition of a mobile recording studio where the participants are invited to share stories, songs, and childhood memories to in turn power the chairs with their words. To intimate, collective and unifying heritage of the oral tradition of tales and lullabies is then reactivated. Accessible to all, young and old, the installation transforms stories in terms of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and paints a poetic portrait of a community.

Creating poetic spaces that reflect community challenges in contemporary society, BERCEURS DU TEMPS mix artistic mediums – dance, theatre, performance, sound, and visual arts – around the idea of voice as a relationship vector. Founded in 2016 by choreographer Sarah Dell’Ava and dramaturg Ilya Krouglikov, the company aims to bring art to citizens in an unpredictable and diverted fashion, to revisit our relationship to time and to the beauty of the world. Participatory, intergenerational, and inclusive, its projects seek to fulfill the creative potential of each individual in a dynamic of openness to oneself, to others and to the environment. Following Bercer le temps / Lulling Time installation, still touring after more than 150 performances over six years, they value sharing, heritage and transmission through co-creation and cultural mediation initiatives with the youth and the elderly.
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Contact Person:
Patrick Breton
President of the organising comity for the SC-CC conference 2023
Centre franco-ontarien de folklore
(705) 988-3112

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