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House Concert request from Andre Begin Sutherland (July/August 2023)

House Concert request from Andre Begin Sutherland (July/August 2023)
One of our BC members, Andre Begin Sutherland, is looking for House Concert Hosts in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario this summer. 

Andre will be driving from Penticton, BC to Wawa, Ontario July 17-21 and Wawa to Penticton August 5-10 and is looking for House Concert Hosts during his trip.  Andre can be contacted by phone at either 778-622-2591 (home) or 250-462-8764 (cell), or by email at andre69begin@outlook.comThis is not being organized by SC-CC but by Andre himself. Please contact Andre directly to make arrangements. Below is more information about Andre. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested!

From Andre:

My name is Andre and I'm a storyteller, I'm an Indigenous (Moose Cree) member of the storytellers of Canada. The stories I tell are in poem form and my favorite poet is Robert W. Service. I have been reciting these poems now for 22 years sharing them at retirement homes, museums, libraries, theatres, galleries and festivals.

I was a 2007 original member of the Around Town Tellers in Nanaimo and began visiting senior homes up and down the Island. I volunteered at the former Travellers Lodge now Eden Gardens that care for Alzheimer's patients for 6 years from 2007-2013. It was there that I saw the magic of storytelling thru poetry and spoken word. Alzheimer's is my charity as my father, aunt & uncle all suffered with it in early 2000, I myself was diagnosed with it in 2017. I use my poetry recitations as a therapy and mental exercise every day. I have performed as "The Man From Eldorado" reciting Robert Service poetry at the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous in Whitehorse since 2017.

My wife Michele and I hosted musicians at "The Troubador House Concert Series" in our home in Nanaimo for a few years and so now I would like to take this opportunity to perform a series of "The Man From Eldorado" House Concert Series across Canada. I am travelling from BC to Ontario July 17-21 and Ontario to BC August 5-10. I would like to be able to visit and perform along the way province to province, house to house at the end of a day's drive. 

I am fully vaccinated and have also performed at the Penticton Ignite the Arts Festival in March and recently the Ryga Festival in Summerland where the real Sam McGee settled after he left the Yukon giving the Okanagan a connection with Robert Service. I am quite sure that fellow members and mentors of the Around Town Tellers storytelling group in Nanaimo namely Margaret Murphy, Noel Lewis-Watts and Sandy Cole would give a good reference and endorsement to my performance in reciting Robert Service poetry.

Last winter I had a professional film two 30 minute sets to live stream for the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous just in case a live performance was cancelled because of covid, I would like to submit these for my artist bio along with a headshot to follow. Thank you for your support on my behalf, Andre Sutherland Begin. "The Man From Eldorado" 778-622-2591 (home) or 250-462-8764 (cell). 

This is the Castanet video showing my work at the Good Samaritan

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