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Notification of 2020 AGM & Zoom registration

Notification Annual General Meeting 2020
Virtual AGM through Zoom Webinar

The Annual Storytellers of Canada -Conteurs du Canada Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, June 13 at 11:00am Pacific time, 12:00pm Mountain, 1:00pm central, 2:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Atlantic and 3:30 Newfoundland.

Below you will find documents in preparation for AGM and information on how to register and attend the virtual AGM. 

Please read the below information carefully as it lays out all of the key information about attending our virtual AGM! We are hosting the virtual AGM using a Zoom Webinar. You can learn more about attending a Zoom Webinar here. Please register using the link below.

  Click here to register for the SC-CC 2020 Annual General Meeting! 

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the Webinar link and password. You will also receive a reminder with the link and password one day before the AGM. Please do not share the link or password with others. The AGM is open to the public however registration is required.

What to expect during the AGM
Anyone who registers for the AGM is described as an attendee. During the AGM, you will be able to see and hear our Board members and various Volunteers, and also see documents that are shared to your screen. Attendees will not have audio or video for the AGM unless it is requested.
As an attendee, you will be able to:

  • Ask questions via a Q&A chat box- answers will either be sent to you directly or answered by the speaker. Once questions are answered, they will be viewable to all attendees.
  • Send messages directly to presenters- you can use this to communicate with specific presenters. This is private and will not displayed to everyone.
  • Raise your hand- if you wish to speak, you can use the raise hand button. The Host will then be able to unmute you so that you can talk.
  • Vote on polls- these will be shared throughout the AGM to collect votes on motions. Results are anonymous and may be share with all attendees.
We are also offering a practise session for anyone who would like to test out Zoom on their device ahead of the AGM. You can indicate your interest on the Webinar registration form.  Learn more about participating in a Zoom Webinar on their website.

Click here to view our 2020 Annual Report and Appendix Documents
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