Local Groups - Quebec - Regroupement du conte au Québec

Umbrella organization dedicated to promoting storytelling in all its forms and working towards its recognition as a unique and specific art form.

Founded on October 20, 2003, the Regroupement du Conte au Québec (RCQ) gives an official voice to the storytelling movement, which has been in remarkable effervescence everywhere in Quebec for several years. Composed of storytellers, organizers and all those who are interested in storytelling, the RCQ’s mission is to rally people around storytelling while maintaining individual freedom of expression.

Regroupement du conte au Québec

911 rue Jean- Talon est - bureau 206
Montréal (Québec) H2R 1V5
(514) 564­5650

Site internet : www.conte­
Mo Carpels, Directeur général du RCQ

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