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Join us Second Friday 9 p.m.

Doors open @ 8 p.m.

Cafe Deux Soleils


Story Story Lie, is an interactive, live, storytelling game show that invites the audience to separate fact from fiction. You’ll be getting the cities best performers sharing intimate, hilarious, often embarrassing, stories that seem to odd to be true. The catch is, one story is a lie. Selling out in Vancouver producer and host, Jo Dworschak is excited to be back in her home town and see how the locals are at spotting a liar.

Can you spot the liar? Join in the interrogation!

Jo Dworschak

Producer and Host

Audience members have the opportunity to question the contestants in an attempt to bust the liar! First to guess the liar right wins an amazing and totally useful specialized kitchen appliance as well as the respect and admiration of all their peers. Story Story Lie is a laughter filled show like no other! Tickets won't last!

Looking for 5-7minute stories that are strange but true or fully fictional. This is a paid gig and a podcast!

 Email Jo at  with a pitch!

 Here's the show info on Facebook

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