Guidelines for Schools

You have chosen to hire a professional storyteller. Congratulations!

You are connecting with one of the oldest art forms in the world, one of humanity's most effective modes of communication, one of the great pleasures for people of all ages to share together. Storytelling enhances teaching and learning in many areas of the curriculum.

Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada (SC-CC) is the national organization which serves storytellers and lovers of storytelling across Canada. SC-CC has developed a few broad guidelines to help make this performance the best it can be for everyone:

Contract Matters:

Make sure you and the storyteller are clear on the terms of the contract (such as number of students, age of students, length of program, storytelling space and equipment, curriculum focus, timely fee payment and any special requests or needs.)

Your storyteller draws from a repertoire of stories to design a program that will enrich the learning experience in your classroom. If for some unavoidable reason, changes must be made to the terms of the contract, be sure to discuss these changes with your teller as early as possible.

Teachers, students and tellers:

  • Make sure that you and the storyteller come to a collaborative understanding regarding an approach to discipline during the storytelling session.
  • It is understood that a certified teacher will be present at all times during the storytelling. Please introduce the teller to staff members present.
  • As with any performance, it is expected that all adults and students in the classroom will respect the storyteller and one another by modelling appropriate behaviour and good listening skills.

Here are some tips to make the day go well:

Prepare your students ahead of time. In particular, help senior students benefit from Help senior students benefit most from the storytelling experience by assuring them they will not be expected to take notes during the performance. Rather, they will be invited to simply relax, listen and enjoy each story's unfolding.

You and the storyteller may choose to allow some time at the end of the program for students to ask questions about the stories they've just heard or about storytelling in general.

  • In most schools storytellers are expected to sign in at the office. The visiting teller will appreciate being greeted and orientated at the office by the teacher and/or designated student host(s) at an agreed upon time.
  • Please plan the performance space ahead of time. If it is a classroom or library, it is helpful if furniture is arranged for the storytelling before the teller arrives.

And don't forget… If you enjoyed your guest storyteller, please keep the contact information and invite her or him back again.

If you have comments, please let your storyteller know so that she or he can improve upon things for next time.

Oct 2010

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