Guidelines for Professional Storytellers

These guidelines are for all storytellers. They lay the foundation for all storytellers in their pursuit of excellence in the art of storytelling.

What is a Professional Storyteller?

  • A professional storyteller has the ability to deliver a varied program of told stories which reflect an understanding and respect for the lineage of the stories.
  • A professional storyteller has the ability to present a resumé that demonstrates public performance experience and ongoing professional development.
  • A professional storyteller maintains active participation in a storytelling association and storytelling community.

What are Professional Fees for storytellers?

  • A minimum of $250 for a performance up to one hour should be the basis upon which a professional storyteller negotiates his/her fee.
  • For workshops, a minimum of $250 per hour is recommended.
  • If the teller wishes to work for a fee lower than this due to personal or community considerations, he/she has an obligation to inform the presenter that the above is the recognized fee for the service.

Mar 1, 2009

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